M2V Glove



The Spiuk XP line includes all manner of accessories for winter. Details that enable maximum enjoyment during the coldest months of the year.

The XP M2V® glove is focussed on cyclists who want full protection from the inclement weather. The M2V® provides excellent windproof protection, and an effective barrier against moderate rainfall. The internal glove is produced using ErgodryWarm® fabric, which ensures perfect thermal stability.



M2V GLOVE (M2V グローブ)


¥5,500(本体価格 ¥5,000)




XS / S / M / L / XL


0° > 10℃


・Three layer winter glove. Tight-fitting pattern. Long cuff with Velcro fastening for perfect wrist adjustment.
・Made of 3-layer M2V® bi-elastic fabric. Its intermediate membrane provides excellent windproof protection, and an effective barrier against moderate rainfall.
・Interior glove made of ErgodryWarm® brushed fabric, provides perfect thermal stability.
・Air Vented. The M2V® membrane enables correct heat and sweat management, providing direct evacuation via the palm.
・Palm with strategically distributed GEL cushioning. Absorb vibrations and impacts, notably improving comfort. Non-slip silicone details on palm for improved grip.
・Touchscreen fabric on tips of thumbs and forefingers for touchscreen interaction. Thumbs also include absorbent fabric inserts. Includes reflective details for greater visibility.


Thetwe-M2V® is a microporous membrane which is waterproof and acts as a windbreaker, developed to resist the most adverse weather conditions. It is ultralight and elastic and provides optimum breathability and thermal stability, and is therefore extremely comfortable for a multitude of sporting activities.

Optimised fabric for sports activities in cold climates. Its bi-elastic composition possesses an extraordinary recovery ability and it does not deform with intensive use. Provides optimum compression for different muscle groups, whilst enabling correct blood circulation. Its internal brushed finish ensures unbeatable thermal stability and insulation.

Products with a water column equal to or greater than 10,000 mm, which ensure excellent protection even under constant rainfall. To achieve this, in addition to using waterproof fabrics, we prevent water from getting in elsewhere by sealing the seams, using watertight zips, and adjusting the pattern to fit the body better.